Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Bushwick Walkabout Festival

Our friends over at Rethink Pop Music are holding a rad little weekend festival called The Bushwick Walkabout Festival on July 15th and July 16th at Brooklyn Fireproof in Bushwick Brooklyn.

I'm really very excited because some of my favorite bands; Arpline, Grandchildren, The Headless Horseman and Backwords (who I can tell you are playing the Whatever blog party on 9/9) will all be taking part in the Walkabout Festival. And I'm also excited about discovering the music of all the other bands who are taking part.

The cost is ten dollars for both days and fifteen for a two day pass and there is free vodka and beer on both days. Awesome music and free booze, the ticket and pass price for this event is so well worth it!

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