Friday, March 26, 2010

Success and Drink Ups

The March Whatever blog party went down without a hitch on Weds March 24th. Big thanks and hugs to; the ultra awesome staff at the GlassLand Gallery, Small Mountain Path, Schocholautte, North Highlands, deVries and all who came out! The April Whatever blog party goes down on Thursday 4/15 at the GlassLands Gallery in Williamsburg Brooklyn. Schocholautte, Mt. Weather, Afuche, The Armchairs, Bottle Up and Go and J.A.C.K. all star in April's blog party. Miss Kelly Irene from The Art of Shooting dj's the April Whatever blog party. The Whatever blog parties are one MAJOR good must attend!

As mentioned in previous blog posts, my friends Drink Up Buttercup's album "Born and Thrown on a Hook" dropped on 3/23 which was this past Tuesday. As I've mentioned in past blog posts the main stream press i.e. the New York Times has started to take notice of Drink Up Buttercup and with the release of "Born and Thrown on a Hook" the press has really started to take notice of Drink Up! This past week Drink Up Buttercup has gotten tons of really nice write ups in newspapers such as their hometown newspaper Philly City newspaper and I couldn't be prouder! I highly recommend downloading or ordering "Born and Thrown on a Hook", it's just such a beyond record that you must own!

Below is the clip for "Pink Sunshine" a song that can be found on "Born and Thrown on a Hook". Enjoy!

Drink Up Buttercup // Pink Sunshine from Drink Up Buttercup on Vimeo.