Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Attention musicans......

If you or your band are itching to play New York City... have I got something for you! My friend Denise's music company GNYC is looking for new bands and artists to play GNYC sponsored nights at venues across Manhattan such as Crash Mansion, The Bowery Poetry Club and Arlene's Grocery among others. If you or your band is interested drop me a line on the blog with a link to your myspace page or your band's myspace page and I will forward it onto Denise.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Ben Folds Rules....

Sometimes I can be a total musical geek and get into things a little too late. I just started to listen to Ben Folds solo stuff and Ben Folds Five. Prior to that I just knew him as the guy that sang that song "Brick" that was a big hit a few years ago, I never really got into that song and so I never really got into his music. Usually when someone has a song that I hear that I really like I do my research on that artist and listen to the other songs in their repertoire. Anyhow I heard his version of "The Bitches Ain't Shit" and I thought it was hysterical and real genius what he did with the song! So that made me listen to his other songs in his repertoire and I became a fan. To me his lyrics are funny, ironic, to the point, poetic and just really good. And Ben just seems like a really cool guy to hang out with!!

Below are clips of Ben Folds doing the song "There Is Always Someone Cooler Then You" live in Dublin, this song can be directed at some people I have come across!

I've also included a clip of the video for the Ben Folds song "Rocking The Suburbs".

Monday, April 7, 2008


Apparently there is a new craze going around called "Rickrolling" were people show up at various events and mime 80's soul corny pop god Rick Astley in his video for "Never Gonna Give You Up". When I hear the name Rick Astley or his music I always think of my crazy neighbor who lived across the street from me growing up. He would come home every lunch hour blast "Never Gonna Give You Up" and dance around his living room! I can't hear that song without thinking of John shaking his crazy ass in his living room in full view of the entire neighborhood!

Anyway below is a clip of someone "rickrolling" the a protest held by the Westborogh Baptist church assholes aka "The God Hates Fags" morons.