Friday, February 8, 2008

Babies at Union Hall in Brooklyn

Union Hall is a bar/music venue in Park Slope Brooklyn. For all of you non New Yorkers, in recent years Park Slope has become over run by yuppie parents (or the Buggaboo brigade as I call them or "helicopter parents" as Time Magazine calls them) who think their precious little dears should not only be the center of their world but everyone else's too. And yuppie parents taking their children into bars in the Slope has been a big problem within the last couple of years. It's been getting so bad that a bartender in Brooklyn wrote the Stroller Manifesto, if I find it on line I'll post it. Union Hall, enforced a no stroller rule not allowing the Buggaboo brigade and their precious spawn in. Sighting that bringing in small children is a huge liability due to the fact that sometimes boozing yuppie parents don't pay attention to their children and watching their children becomes the responsibilty of other patrons and the bar. Also sighting that the strollers block exits and get in the way of staff and other patrons. Well this week Union Hall gave in to the yuppie presure let up on that rule allowing boozing yuppies and their children in at off afternoon hours.

And by the way I'm not anti child I love kids and hope to have some one day! It's just that I have a problem with parents taking small children to inappropriate places i.e. bars and movies that clearly aren't for small children like "Cloverfield"! Then getting all up in arms, when bar patrons or fellow movie goers complain about the kid running up and down the aisles and screaming!

I wanna say to those people SMALL CHILDREN DON'T BELONG IN A BAR...DO YOU KNOW WHOSE MOM TOOK HIM TO BARS WHEN HE WAS A SMALL CHILD!!??..... CHARLES MANSON...WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU USE SOME COMMON SENSE!! If these yuppie fucks heard that Charlie Manson's mother took him to bars when he was a kid I think the problem of taking children to bars in Park Slope would be solved very quickly!! The argument that the yuppies present is that parents are allowed to bring children into pubs in countries like Ireland and England. Well news flash...this is New York City not the Irish or English country side and liability insurance rates are more expensive and laws are stricter here then they are over there! Plus Americans seem to be more law suit happy then our Irish and English friends!! You know the second one of these kids gets hit with a bacchi ball or falls at Union Hall by accident..these Park Slope parents would be the first to sue the hell out of Union Hall!!

I think back to my childhood if my parents wanted to go out and booze it up, they hired a BABYSITTER!! Or they brought a six pack or a bottle of wine and invited friends over and drank it at home!! If they went out to a bar that meant that they wanted to get out away from us for a few hours and have some "grown up time"!!

From the Gothamist:

February 1, 2008

Union Hall (Sort of) Lifts Stroller Ban
Last weekend we took a look at Union Hall's new baby ban. The owner, Jim Carden, upset a lot of stroller-pushers when he declared kids would no longer be allowed in the establishment and put up a sign reading: "no strollers please". He asked nicely, but the Park Slope parents weren't having it. They rallied together on blogs to gain back the right to booze it up with their babies on board.

They won. Today the Brooklyn Paper's Smartmom announces that "the bar will once again welcome in moms and their kids for some downtime (and drinks!) a few afternoons a week." Prompting the question: "can we all get along?" Most likely the regular bar set won't be at the bar on the afternoons, but it's inevitable that they'll have something to say about it. The problem is mostly with parenting skills, many imbibing baby-watchers don't, in fact, watch their babies too closely, leaving employees and patrons chasing after their children.

“It was strictly liability,” Carden said. “A lot of parents are great and mindful. But some are not that attentive to their kids when they’re in here. This is a bar with an open stairwell and a bocce court. This is a business and we don’t have the staff to police it.”
While there will be a few "off hour" afternoons that allow the under-aged, there will no longer be "mommy groups". But we're sure a much more appropriate venue can be found for such a thing, right?

I'd love to know how you guys feel on this issue??

The Stroller Manifesto

In other news:

Besides playing at LaRoyle Saturday night at 8pm, Johnny Lloyd Rollins is also playing the GNYC show at the Mean Fiddler Saturday night at 12:30am. The Mean Fiddler is located at 48th and b'way

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Weekend Shows and the Maharisi Mahesh Yogi

Yesterday I mentioned that I will be seeing Mr. Dan Deacon friday night at the Whitney Museum, I'm very excited for that show!!

Saturday there are two shows that I will be attending and you should be attending as well. The first is Johnny Lloyd Rollins and his back up band the All Nighters, Johnny and the boys hail from Dallas Texas and are in our fair city for the next week playing shows (Johnny did an amazing accoustic solo show at Niagara last night) and exploring NYC. Johnny's sound can best be described as that long lost recording sesion between Elvis and Paul McCartney. Johnny and the boys are playing this saturday 2/9 at LeRoyle which is located at 21 7th Avenue South, he goes on at 9:30pm. I've linked Johnny's myspace page below so you can hear his songs for yourself.

The second show that I will be at on saturday; is MEANY Fest 2007 finalists John McGrew and the Sitbacks. John and the boys are playing one of my favorite live music venues the Rockwood Music Hall which is located at 184 Allen Street right in the good old LES!! John and the Sitbacks go on at 10pm. Hopefully soon John and the boys will be doing a chat in this very blog.

I'll be rushing around saturday night!

Onto the next subject.
The Maharishi Mahesh Yogi passed away yesterday from natural causes at the age of 91.
For all of you who don't know the Maharishi pioneered the technique of Transcendental Meditation. More famously the Maharishi was the guru of the Beatles, Mia Farrow and Mike Love of the Beach Boys. The Beatles stayed at the Maharishi's ashram in 1968 in India with Mia Farrow, Mike Love and Donovan and John and George left the ashram earlier then they were supposed too. And the story I've always heard as to why John and George left Maharishi's ashram early, is that the Maharishi supposedly made a sexual advance towards Mia Farrow and that so unnerved John and George. And John wrote the songs "Sexy Sadie" and "Everybody's Got Something to Hide..." off the "White Album" as a result of that incident and the Beatles time with the Maharishi.

The ultimate goal of TM is enlightenment and your supposed to sit 20 minutes a day and meditate. I don't the exacts of TM but I know people who swear by it. They say that it helps them function. Howard Stern practices TM as does the film director David Lynch. And you can still take courses on TM where ever you live and the Maharishi opened a university in Iowa strictly for the practice of TM. I've tried meditation and I know that it's really good for you, but I have such an ADD brain that I can only sit for about five minutes then I'm done!! If any of you practice or have practiced TM, I'd love to know if it's worked for you. None the less RIP Maharishi!

ETA 2/7/08:

The time of Johnny Lloyd Rollins show at LaRoyle has been changed to 8pm on saturday night.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

It's a Super Tuesday!!

Uggh so sorry I've been having such a duh day today. I re read this post and relized I had a lot of typos in this post!! I fixed them!!

Today is "Super Tuesday" what that means is there are twenty four states (New York included) voting in the presidential primary. So all of you who are registered with a political party and who live in one of the twenty four states who are holding elections today should get out there and vote!!

I really have high hopes for the Democratic candidates this time around. I think both Hillary and Obama are very qualified candidates who won't take any of the right wing bull. I honestly had a hard time choosing between the two. What would be ideal would be a Hillary/Obama ticket in the fall! I some how doubt that will happen... but then again who knows!

I wanna like John McCain, he's been a moderate on issues in the past and the whole heroic POW thing is whats made me like him. My direct connection with McCain is that I interned for his daughter Sidney when she was a PR exec at Capitol Records, she was a really nice gal! But my problem with McCain is that he bows to the far right his views on Iraq and his ass kissing of Bush and Co when they did a number on him in 2000 is scary! But I will say a McCain/Hillary or McCain/Barack fight this fall would be really interesting.

I loathe Romney he's such a scary Mormon robot!! I honestly hope that he drops out of the race soon!! Huckabee... I kinda find that there is something very likeable about him in a very strange way, I totally disagree with his politics and his views on evolution, the gays etc. And Huckabee's son is a scary guy, but who doesn't like a guy who rocks the bass for a band called Captiol Offense!? And I can't tell you how glad I'am Guliani is out of the running!! People forget prior to 9/11 that he ran NYC like Nazi and exploited his actions on 9/11 for his campaign.

One thing that I haven't noticed and maybe it's too early.. is the participation of P. Doofy, P. Doody or Sean John or whatever the fuck his name is these days. He really pissed me off in 2004 with the whole "Vote or Die" thing. It was sooo obnoxious and phony.. at the sametime if the "Vote or Die" ads got one kid to get out to register to vote then that's good I guess. The people who participated in that didn't even bother to register to vote and Paris Hilton as one of the spokespeople!? Does she even know that we have a president in the US??? Every interview you saw of P. Doofy in 2004 he would always say "I'm making voting sexy". I really cringe when things that are your civic duty and your right (i.e. voting) and causes (i.e. Africa) get turned into trends!

One last thought for the day and a be on the look out....I'm really crushing on Eli Manning!! He's so cute!!

Really excited to see Dan Deacon at the Whitney Museum this Friday! And I will have an interview posted with Mr. Deacon along with a write up of the show sometime next week. Stay tuned!!

ETA: I guess I spoke to soon! Here's exclusive coverage of P. Doody relaunching his "Vote or Die" Campaign from this morning. Where was he when several states were electing governers and senators in '05, his home state of NY included and the mid term house elections of '06?? From the Wireimage website.

Uggghh we have to endure another whole couple of months of P. Doody on TV explaining why he's trying to make voting "sexy" again! And him trotting out Paris again as one of the spokespeople for "Vote or Die" and her saying that she finds either Obama or Hillary to be hot!

Monday, February 4, 2008

The Giants and Vagina Dentata

What a game last night!! What a noble effort made by Eli and the Giants defense!! I watched the first half in Brooklyn and was on route home to Manhattan during the half time show. So all of you who saw Tom Petty play the half time show, you have to let me know how he did. I was home in time for the second half..... what an exciting second half it was!! The energy in the air last night in New York after the Giants won was really electric!! My block is quiet for the most part, but last night you could hear everyone going crazy! This bugged me, could Bill Bellichick's move of running out on the field with one second left be anymore of a total sore loser move!?

Well onto the next subject which is...well very well the polar opposite of the Superbowl!

This past saturday I saw the film "Teeth", for all of you who haven't heard of this film the main character is a teen age girl named Dawn who is a born again Christian and very involved in the chaste movement at her school. Dawn lives near a power plant with her stepfather, sick mother and dirt bag of a stepbrother. And she often finds herself in some very intense sexual situations, not only with her step brother but with a schoolmate who tries to date rape her and a another schoolmate who uses her for sex. Everytime she finds herself in one of these situations...she discovers that the teeth in her vaj that take care of the aggressive male! She finds out that her condition is called "vagina dentata", which means vagina with teeth! This condition is found in Greek mythology and in ancient Egyptian mythology. As Dawn finds out, a conquering hero who truly loves her is the only person who can get rid of the teeth in her vagina. *SPOLIER AHEAD* And of course in her quest she doesn't find a hero.

The film is a definite parody and commentary on the religous right and how they suppress and make female sexuality out to be a very bad and evil thing. Mainly the message of the film is that society is afraid of how powerful female sexuality truly is and yet it's fine and acceptable for a male to be overly sexual and in command of his sexuality.

What's really interesting about this film is that it was written and directed by a man!!

The sub plot with Dawn and her sick mother often got confusing at times to the teeth in the vajajay storyline. But over all I really liked this film, it's a total midnight movie cult film and I found it to be very funny!! In a strange way it's a female empowerment film!!

After I saw it and was telling all my female friends about it we all had the same reaction...we wished we had teeth in our vagina that would come out when we came across a guy who treated us really shitty!!

Ladies, I would say go to this film with your girlfriends or take your boyfriend if he's really pissing you off!