Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Why and other things....

Today I caught a episode of "The View" and the special guest on "The View" was the newly reunited New Kids on The Block. They performed their latest single "Summertime" and they also performed the song "The Right Stuff". Now I was a tween during New Kidsmania and I was one of the few tweens who HATED them! Being the music critic that I grew up to be keeping an open mind, I listened to them perform their new song "Summertime" and it was seriously AWFUL! It sounded like the same bubble gum shit they put out 20 years ago! What made it more awful is that they did the group dance moves that they did years ago. It was seriously pathetic and funny at the same time, to watch nearly 40 year old men do the same dance they did in "The Right Stuff" video 20 years ago when they were all about 16. Overall it's pretty pathetic to do bubble gum music and still call your band New Kids on the Block way over the age of thirty! That's a band that shouldn't have come back in the first place!

Kinda sorta a political rant, the big news over the weekend was John McCain's choice of a running mate Sarah Palin. Sarah Palin seems like a smart woman with an interesting background I won't be voting for her. But I get so angry when I hear Hillary supporters say they'll be voting for McCain because of Sarah Palin, she has the complete opposite ideology of Hillary Clinton!

Moving along! Onto some good music for the day! More Ra Ra Riot, it's the latest single off their album "The Rhumb Line" the song is called "Ghost Under Rocks". I love watching Mathieu and Milo interact with each other and other members of the band. Enjoy!

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