Friday, May 25, 2007

Blah Blah Blah.......

I did finally see the Sanjaya/Joe Perry performance on "American Idol" on Youtube and as I said yesterday if Joe had gone on an AI type show ten or twenty years ago he would have lost all musical cred! Loved the wind machine, that was very rock and roll!! As Artie Lange from the Howard Stern show said "American Idol reminds me of all those John Davidson specials from the 70's" and it's true it's one big John Davidson, Hudson Brothers, Jeff and Pink Lady, Marilyn McCoo and Bad 70's/early 80's variety hour. I was half expecting to see Marilyn McCoo come out and sing "Gimme Shelter" with Sanjaya and Joe Perry, I was also half expecting to see the solid gold dancers come out and dance behind them!! Ahhh "Solid Gold", I loved that show when I was little, I wanted to be the one solid gold dancer who had the really long hair and I loved it when they had people on the street lipsynch the latest songs!! And they got some pretty big acts on that show, I can remember a show were they had the Rolling Stones on and Madonna was on "Solid Gold".

Anyway Green Day kinda jumped the shark in my book for going on AI and singing a great song on AI!! I read a blurb in the paper today that supposedly the AI producers wanted Paul McCartney to perform some songs off his new album and suppsedly he turned them down cause he and his people feel the show is beneath him and chessy!

One more rant and then I'm done....skiny jeans and that whole BoHo look!? What is the deal with that I was rocking that look long before all the Rachel Zoebots!! I never wore skinny jeans cause personally I think they are really ugly and remind me of 1984!! But I was totally rockin' the whole boho look long before Rachel Zoe and Forever 21 made robots out of Lindsay Lohan and all the twenty year old girls across America!!

And Donald Trump, you are delusional and an ass so please go away! I really don't care what you think of the Rosie/Elisabeth feud!

Okay now I'm done! Sleep this weekend may make me feel better!!

Have a good weekend!!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

More things that piss me off part duex.....

1) "American Idol", I will admit I got into watching when that Sanjaya kid was on the show, there was something very punk rock about the semi talented Indian Kid bringing down the show by being named an American Idol. The show proved that it was a set up when it kicked Sanjaya off when he was getting the most votes. Last night was the finale and I was flipping the channels and didn't watch the whole thing, but I saw Green Day perform their version of "Working Class Hero", I would have had more respect for Green Day if they did "American Idiot". I also saw Taylor Hicks with his eyes glued to the teleprompter butcher one of my very favorite Beatles songs "A Day in the life", I had to turn after that but I understand that turned into a whole Sgt. Pepper's medley, John Lennon and George Harrison must have been spinning in their graves!! Then I heard that Joe Perry was brought out to jam with Sanjaya, is Stephen Tyler not getting those royalty checks fast enough to Joe?? It's just really sad that "American Idol" is now being used as a promotional tool for some of the biggest and most respectable artists around i.e. Joe Perry, Prince, Smokey Robinson and Green Day. Twenty years ago if there was a show like AI and someone like Joe Perry had gone on it, he would have lost all music cred! But I do like Kelly Clarkson and I'm digging those whole new rock chick thing that she is doing! And I think it's very cool that Mike Watt worked with her on her latest album. I still find it hysterically funny that Paula Abdul is critiquing people's musical ability. Chris Rock had the best line about that, he said Paula Abdul judging a singing contest is like Christopher Reeve judging a dancing contest.

2) Which leads me to the next thing which is pissing me off!! Gimmicks when it comes to music promotion!! I've been reading all about this "Band in a Bubble" thing that Dr. Pepper is sponsoring and if you haven't read about it, this band Cartel has agreed to live in a bubble on pier 54 and you can go online or go to the bubble and see how they are doing and see if they made any progress creatively. Again I'm sorry I realize that musicians want to get their music and their name out there but this is a bit cheesy to me. I will give anyone mad props if they go to this bubble thing and do rude things in front of the bubble i.e. urinate in front of the bubble, make out with someone in front of the bubble, flash the bubble etc. The bubble is on 12th and 13th streets in the meatpacking district, I implore you to go and do rude things especially tonight cause that is when the fun starts!! In the book that I just finished "Laurel Canyon", a chapter in the book discusses how in the 60's it was all LSD and pot in Laurel Canyon and in the 70's it became all about the coke. The writer of the book interviewed this guy who was a promotions director at Elekra records in the 70's and he told a story about how when the single "Your so Vain" by Carly Simon came out they sent out coke mirrors to promote the single. My how times have changed!!

3) Elisabeth Hasselbeck......I saw the fight that she and Rosie had on "The View" yesterday. And while I find Rosie to have a bit of a big mouth sometimes and I completely disagree with Elisabeth's politics, Elisabeth cannot debate or hold a proper political conversation without being combative and shrill and she comes across as being not very smart. It's like arguing with a child!! Rosie at least can hold her own! And Rosie was right that anytime they have a political discussion the press always spins it so that it's loudmouth Rosie picking on sweet little Elisabeth. If Babs wants a conservative view point politically she should look for a person, who can doesn't have the debating skills of an 8th grader! I can remember another incident on the show were the women were talking about birth control and abortion and Elisabeth made no sense with her points and when all the women started to challenge her view points and Elisabeth began to cry. The funniest Elisabeth story was when she got all offended because "Law and Order SVU" had a rape/murder victim on an episode that was named Elizabeth Hassenback and she thought the Law and Order producers were taking a swipe at her and she called the producers "socially irresponsible".

4) People who I don't know calling me sweetheart or sweetie, it's creepy especially when it comes from guys trying to pick you up on myspace!

I think I'm done!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Somethings I just don't get

I'm in a ranting kinda of a mood and here are somethings that have been pissing me off lately:

1) Corporate guys over the age of 35 using slang like "it's so gansta" to describe a project they are working on or just using slang in general day to day conversation. And thinking they are so hip and relevant and "down with it" cause they have ipods with Jenny Lewis, Bright Eyes and Kings of Leon tunes and they go to industry parties at places like The Box and Fat Baby. It's like dude, big freakin' woop your going to an MTV party at Stereo with John Mayer, MTV hasn't been cool since about 1987 and I just don't get the whole John Mayer thing! Your not hip, your just a pathetic douchebag with a small penis on a serious power trip who sold out long ago!

2) Why do magazines like US Weekly put the weight loss secrets of Janet Jackson and Jenny McCarthy?? These women have shitloads of money and they can afford the best dietitians, trainers and they can also afford liposuction! And they can work out five days a week for three hours! I'm lucky if I get to the gym once a week!! And I'm lucky if I get an hour in on the treadmill!!

3) Last night before I went out I had the TV on for background noise and it was on the E! Channel. And the new reality show they have on E! is about a tanning salon in Hollywood that all the celebs go to I really started to watch the show when a woman came in with her daughter who looked to be about seven and this woman wanted to her daughter not to look pale for her school picture. So the guy behind the desk sold the woman the same package that Lindsay Lohan gets which is lying in a tanning bed and then getting the spray on tan. What is wrong with this woman!! Why does she want her daughter to be tan for her school picture!? Does she know that a tanning bed can ruin her daughter's skin and make her poor daughter look like an old worn handbag by the time she is fifteen!! The whole tanning salon thing isn't for me, I kinda like my pale skin and those tanning beds are sooo not good for you!! I worry for all these young girls who do the tanning bed thing!

4) Shows like "The Insider" and "ET" let's see how low we can go all in the name of ratings!! I can remember seeing a clip on "The Soup" from "The Insider" of Lindsay Lohan's mother going with a camera crew to see Lindsay in rehab. Shouldn't someone have said to this woman this is very wrong??? And then when I was flipping channels last night I see they covering the romance of Amy Fisher and Joey Buttafucco, it's just really bad and sad...but what makes it even more sadder is that I actually watched the Amy Fisher/Joey Buttafucco story! Pat O' Brien kinda falls under the category of corporate douchebags who think they are so hip.

5) Brings me back to Lindsay Lohan and her mother. I honestly feel bad for the girl it seems like she doesn't have any stable family support around and anyone that can say to her you know you should not be going out so much and you should be concentrating on getting some good parts. Martha Stewart tried! But from all that I have read about her mother it seems as if her mother is an enabler of her bad behavior! Honestly her mother should stop trying to become a the white Oprah and concentrate on trying steer her daughter in the right direction.

6) MTV it just hasn't been cool since about 1987! I can totally understand why Pearl Jam refuses to make videos.

7) Time Warner Cable you piss me off to no end! I don't get half the channels that I'm supposed to get and their digital phone service sucks!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Las Vegas

This past weekend I went to Las Vegas with a group of friends for my one friend's bachelorette party. We were treated as if we were the Beatles and we partied like 'em too!! It was my first time in Vegas and I had a blast!! We stayed at the Wynn Hotel and we flew in saturday and when we got to the hotel we hung out by the pool and had Miami Vices which are a combo of strawberry daiquiri and pina calida, they were very yummy!! After the pool my friend Denise and I did a little shopping and played the slots, those one armed bandits got a hold of me!! The most I won was $16. That night we went to dinner at the SW Steakhouse, then we went to Jet night club in the Mirage and from Jet we went to Tao at the Venetian. We left Tao at about 4 in the morning and once back at the hotel I stayed on the casino floor and played the slots, I put more money into the slots then I won!! After I won $40 I went back up to my hotel room and the sun was coming up, it was 7am. I got about three hours sleep when I woke up Denise and I got some last minute time at the pool and then I came in and played the slots yet again!! After that I went up to my room and took a shower and got packed up and we left at 1:30pm. I can't think of a better weekend then spending it with my best homies in Las Vegas!!

I will have pictures up soon!!

While I was in Vegas I read a very good book by Michael Walker called "Laurel Canyon The Inside story of Rock and Roll's Legendary Neighborhood". The book as the title suggests is an inside look at LA's Laurel Canyon neighborhood and the contribution those who lived in the neighborhood made (i.e. The Byrds, Frank Zappa, Joni Mitchell etc) on music and culture in the 60's and 70's. Frank Zappa's widow is interviewed along with Chris Hillman of the Byrds, Michael and Pamela Des Bares are also interviewed. If you are a big music, pop culture and history person much in the way that I'am, I highly recommend this book to you. It's a very interesting look at music history and pop culture.