Thursday, March 27, 2014

Back again this time happier and healthier.

Hello everyone I'm back and it feels super good to be back! The focus of the Whatever blog will still be music but every once in a while I'll write about something major going on in art, film, literature or lifestyle.

There have been major changes in my life since I last left you and the biggest change has been that I have gotten sober and stayed sober for the last seven months. Sobriety is something that really agrees with me, I have found that I can live my life in an honest and peaceful way.

With all that being said the Whatever Blog Presents showcases still go on. The next one will be on April 14th at Pianos in Manhattan, details to follow. And we'll be part of this years Northside festival in Brooklyn in June, keep it here for details on that.

Back to the sober life stuff,  I feel there are some questions concerns that non sober friends and family have that need to be addressed so here are some rules that I've written that will hopefully answer questions and concerns.

1. NEVER EVER say to a family or friend in recovery "oh you weren't that bad" or never ask a person in recovery if they will be drinking again anytime soon. Also don't tell us that we have no will power and if we had will power we wouldn't be in recovery. If we are in recovery that means that we had no off switch and couldn't control our drinking and that means yes we were really bad and no we won't be drinking any time soon. Addiction is something that isn't widely understood so don't play arm chair psychiatrist. Stupid questions and dumb assumptions are going to make us feel like giant freakozids. Think before you ask questions about recovery and listen to the reasons why your friend/family member has decided to stop drinking and be supportive!

2. Everyone is different in recovery but with this rule I generally think I speak for most sober people when I say WE DON'T WANT TO HANG OUT WITH YOU IN A BAR!! It's strange and awkward and could very well possibly trigger a relapse. If you want to do want to spend some time with your sober friend/family member here are some activities I suggest; going to the movies, going for coffee, going to the theater, going to the museum, going for a walk in the park or going for a good meal.

3. We all have different ways of getting sober and maintaining our sobriety. What keeps me sober is going to AA meetings and reaching out to others in AA, what's kept my dad sober for over 25 years is his religion. I've heard of other folks getting sober and maintaining their sobriety in many different ways. The point is we do what we do to keep us sober and it works for us so don't knock it. This leads me to point number 4.

4. I'm not going to 12 step you and drag you off to an AA meeting. AA is something that works for me and I gotta worry about me and not you. If you are generally curious about AA and ask me respectful questions about the program I will give you respectful answers about the program and my experience.

5.  I realize that I can't run and hide from social situations where there is alcohol and I can't impose my will on anyone and I don't expect anyone to bend over backwards for me. Know this when I'm in those situations where there is alcohol my guard is really up as it should be. To make me feel at ease the one thing I ask of all of you and this goes back to rule 1, is don't ask dumb questions about why I'm not drinking, don't make assumptions about me not drinking and PLEASE don't make dumb jokes about my sobriety.  As mentioned in rule 4, I'm all for having a smart and respectful conversation about recovery and sobriety, but honestly I'd rather talk about why Flavorwire called the National "dad rock" and the new Muppet movie. Understand and don't be offended if I skip out before the action gets too crazy. One last thing about this rule don't tell me how wasted you are getting and the wicked hang over you are going to have in the morning.

6. Everyone who is sober is different and this rule really applies to me. It's so nice and lovely when you ask if you can drink around me, but honestly you don't have to ask me. It doesn't bother me cause as I said I have to worry about me and not you and also I don't want people to walk on egg shells when I'm around.


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Heliotropes and The Suzan at the Brooklyn Museum in pictures

The cord for my professional camera has been located and the pictures from the Heliotropes/Suzan show at The Brooklyn Museum from July 25 have been uploaded...finally! Enjoy!

Jessica and Cici from Heliotropes

Cici on drums


Nya on bass

Amber on vox

Amber and Jessica

The Suzan

More Suzan fun

The Suzan had one of the best drummers I have ever heard

Special guest star during The Suzan's set

The Suzan were really a fun band who got everyone up and dancing

I totally had the bass player's headband when I was 8 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Jay Z "Picasso Baby"

Still trying to find that cord for my grown up camera! Once I find it online or in my office I will post the pictures of the Heliotropes/Suzan show from the Brooklyn Museum.

Moving on...the more Jay Z does the more I find him fascinating. There are those that argue that what he does music and business wise does is pompous and overdone and not all that great, but for me I find what Jay-Z does music and business wise to be pretty dang interesting. Also to me he and Kayne are the closest things we have to outrageous rock stars these days.

One of the things that I love about Jay-Z is how he's taken hip hop into all different directions both musically and visually, he's done stuff that others would have never done. The clip posted below is a "performance art" film for Jay-Z's new single "Picasso Baby" which is off his new album "The Magna Carter The Holy Grail" (which you can download free if you own a Samsung phone, yes that's crass commercialism but you got to admit that's a pretty brilliant marketing strategy, us non Samsung phone people can download it here); the clip was filmed at the Pace Gallery in NYC and features actors Alan Cumming, Rosie Perez, Taraji P Henson, Jemma Kirke and Lena Dunham's creepy boyfriend from "Girls", artist Marina Abramovic (the clip was reportedly inspired by Abramovic's 2010 exhibit "The Artist is Present"), filmmakers Judd Apatow and Jim Jarmusch and the rapper Wale.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Heliotropes, Go-Go's, The Suzan and The Tom Tom Club.... oh my!

Last Thursday night I got to see the mega awesome Heliotropes play with also mega awesome The Suzan at The Brooklyn Museum. I had my professional big girl camera with me to document the entire rocking ruckus but classy good time and because I had such a good time I lost the wire that uploads the pictures from my camera to this blog and I'm in the process of getting another wire. Once the new wire comes in I will upload the pictures from that wonderful night.

In the meantime tomorrow night I'm going to see the legendary Go-Go's play with The Tom Tom Club in Coney Island and again I will be taking my big girl camera and I hope that that wire will be in soon so I can upload pictures from some really awesome shows.

While you wait for my stellar pictures from these shows enjoy some video clips from The Go-Go's, The Tom Tom Club, The Heliotropes and The Suzan.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

In a Morrissey Mood

Maybe it's cause I don't really give a crap about the royal baby & don't get the facisnation with a family that are pretty much inbred & are a drain on British tax payers. Or maybe it's cause I've been feeling so morose lately but I've been on a serious Morrissey kick. So in honor of my morose mood & the royal baby here is some Morrissey for your Tuesday morning.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wenesday Musings

I've been going on and on about Unlocking the Truth on this very blog and my social media pages but I can't help it they are just so good! These kids play like musicians who are twice their age that's how good they are. And they will be playing the July Whatever blog party along side of Little Band of Sailors (who will have a contortionist dancer named Amazing Amy), Samantha and Black Salad. To RSVP for all this goodness click here.

When you watch the interview clip with Malcolm and Jarred you truly realize how beyond their years the Unlocking the Truth kids are and I like Jarred's book idea and if there are any literary agents reading this please send me a message so we can get Jarred's book off the ground.

While were on the subject of bands playing tomorrow night at the Cameo Gallery, Black Salad is a wonderfully strange little Clouder side project consisting of Clouder bass player Max and Clouder guitarist Steve. You can check out some Black Salad tunes by clicking here.

I can't stop talking about how awesome tomorrow night is going to be! Little Band of Sailors is just sooooo amazing live front woman Rachel Mason is like this hybrid of a goddess and Alice Cooper she's unreal to watch live.

And of course Samantha is playing tomorrow night and for all you who don't know Samantha is good old Chicago punk!

All in all tomorrow night at the Cameo is totally going to be EPIC and you need to be there!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

It's the July Whatever party at the Cameo

It's about that time once again for a Whatever blog party at the Cameo Gallery, this month's party will take place on July 18th. Playing this month are the most metal 11 year olds you'll ever know Unlocking the Truth, a very strange but awesome Clouder side project called Black Salad , the sublime Little Band of Sailors (who will have a contortionist dancer, dance during their set) and the very rawk Samantha. To RSVP for all this goodness click here.